What If

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 20, 2019

~~What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?~~ Unknown


Let go of the idea that you need to follow rules A, B, and C in order to quit smoking.  Forget that you are supposed to be at war with yourself and ignore the negative signals your brain is throwing your way.


Take your quit....your precious, precious quit...and make it all about loving yourself more.  Devote your time (which you'll have so much more of!) to learning who you truly are...what you truly like....how you fit into this world.  Delight yourself with your humor, stun yourself with your strength, care for yourself when you feel weak.  Emerge from your smoke filled cocoon and blossom into the you that you are proud of.


No, this isn't a feel good post.  This is a simple reminder that you yourself, more than anyone else, is deserving of your time and attention.  Take the time.  Pay attention to you.  Notice.  Be gentle with your flaws, be satisfied with you.  Nurture all that you are, discover all that you can be.  Break free of the 'supposed to' and head into the 'never tried before'.  Shake off the 'everyone else does' and embrace the 'this is me'.


Be so focused on growing you that you forget to miss your quit.  Be so astonished by the possibilities in you that you let go of the way you used to be as a smoker. 


Take this year of quitting until you reach that 'elder' status...that 6% club...to love yourself silly.  Be goofy, be loving, be kind.  Be funny, be shy, be generous.  Be who you've always known you could be.  Love, simply love who you are.  Explore you.  Discover you.  Shed addiction.  


You can, of course you can!!  And once you start, you will never get tired of discovering new facets of who you are!  You are a true miracle.  Unique.  Breathtaking.  A joy.  And it's time, don't you think, for you to notice all that you are.  Take this time to simply love yourself.  You're worth it