People Who Need Help

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 12, 2019

~~People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don't need help.~~  Glennon Melton


Sometimes nothing helps.  Sometimes you try every suggestion and it doesn't work.  Sometimes you don't understand what people are saying because your mindset is not in the place that allows what's being said to sound reasonable.


Sometimes you just need help.  From a professional.  Someone who understands the way your brain is working.  Someone who understands situational depression, anxiety, and other disorders that we cannot see here.  Someone who knows that medications can help you think more clearly until you get things under control.  Someone who has been trained to see the whole person when we only get the glimpses you allow us to see.


Professional help isn't a weakness.  Professional help isn't for 'crazies'.  Professional help along with sites like this and people like these can help support your quit and guide you along the path of wellness. 


Please keep that in mind even if you don't hear it much here.  We aren't professionals and we don't know everything.  What sounds like an easy answers aren't easy if something else is wrong.  Have a bad smoker's cough for weeks?  Get it checked out, please!  Been so anxious that you've been crying for days and can't function?  Get it checked out please!  Been depressed even though you've been quit for months?  Get it checked out, please!


Not everything can be explained with "that's part of quitting".  We can't see you, we haven't observed you, and we only know what you tell us.  


I may be an elder, but I also know that stuff happens.  Brain chemistry gets out of whack,  illnesses develop, relationships sour....stuff, you know?  These things don't have anything to do with quitting other than they may happen at the same time.


Please take care of you!!  Get that balance of support and professional guidance that can actually keep you centered.  There is no shame in asking for help.  There is no shame in saying you need help.  There is no shame in saying that I can't always help.  Surround yourself with those who can