Let It Come

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 6, 2019

~~Sh*t surfaces.  Watch it.  Laugh at the silliness of it.  Breathe through it.  Dig in.  Dance it off.  Make friends with it.  Talk to it.  But most of all, don't take it seriously.  It's just a function of our minds.  The point isn't to fight it off or try to make it go away.  The point is to learn how to let it come and let it go.~~  Unknown


Life happens.  We all know that.  Bad stuff occurs.  Good things appear.  Upsetting events.  Stressful situations.  The ups and downs of life aren't just yours.  They happen to all of us.


We can try to fight through it all.  We can rage against the injustice of it.  We can beat our heads against the brick wall in front of us.  We can battle people and situations and events that we don't want to accept.  Sort of like our quits, right?


I suggest....stop fighting.  Let it come and then let it go.  The battle is all in our minds and we have control over our minds so we can release that need to fight off the uncomfortable.  The uncomfortable will be there whether or not we try to avoid it or make it go away.  So let it come....feel it....let it go.


We don't have to take everything in life so seriously.  We don't have to agonize over every event or stressful occurrence.  We simply have to move through it.  And we get to decide how we do that   You can dig in and refuse to let it make you crazy.  You can dance it off knowing that this, too, shall pass.  You can make friends with it and talk to it.  Your quit isn't trying to kill you, it's trying to heal you.  Thank it.  Love it.  And remember it's a gift.


Yep, life happens.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  We will lose people we love as death is inevitable.  We will get our hearts broken.  We will be talked about, disliked, shunned, or even lied to.  That's life.  But each and every occurrence will come whether we want it to or not.  It's meant to get through, not avoided or battled because we can't win these battles.  We can, however, learn to let them come and let them go.  We can learn to dig in and dance through them.  We can learn to make friends with them and talk to them.  We can learn to simply get through them.


I hope that today you dance.  And that you see life is dancing with you.