Unexpected Response

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jan 8, 2019

~~Everyone deserves to have someone who makes them look forward to tomorrow.~~   Unknown


Just ask.  Ask for what you need.  Throw it out there in the world!  Amazing things begin to happen when you believe they can.


I know because I threw it out there.  I needed a reminder of how good the world can be.  Low and behold I got that reminder!!  I was outside my office talking to my neighbor and I looked across the street because someone was frantically waving at me.  I got closer and saw that it was a boy I worked with at the CAC whose mother had told him that Santa wasn't coming to their house.  That's not why the CAC got involved, of course.  This child and his two younger siblings had been violently abused.  Well, it's not my story to tell but this young man touched my heart.  We crossed paths again at the visitation center 6 months later and he is always delighted to see me, which just tickles me to no end!!  He is still in the system but he said he's happy and asked that I get some jelly beans for my office in case he stopped by again  


The resiliency of children is simply amazing.  And when loved, even the harshest of abuse can heal with time, therapy, and positive attention.  It's what I needed to remember today.  His smiling face, his hug, his joy with life brings lightness to my own heart.  And he has his forever family even though the system is not quite done yet.  His 'dad' makes him look forward to tomorrow and I couldn't be happier for both of them!!


So throw it out in the universe!!  You need a reminder of the goodness of people?  You need some positive attention?  You need a hug?  Don't keep what you need buried inside you.  Please let it out.  Because you will receive.  Maybe not from the one you want to receive from.  Maybe from some unexpected person or some surprisingly unusual way but what you need will be taken care of.  God answers.  Always.  And I am eternally grateful that he does!!


It is important especially as you quit smoking to voice what you need.  People are willing to help and people want to help but your voice has to be heard.  Everyone deserves to have someone make them look forward to tomorrow.  For right now, let us be that someone.