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~~Fear brings failure, faith bring success.  It's just that simple.~~  Ernest Holmes


There is a hundred different ways to encourage people to quit smoking.  There are a million different activities you can do instead of smoking.  And there is, most of all, a billion different lies to tell yourself to keep yourself chained to cigarettes.

Quitting is most easiest done when you keep it simple.  Can I tell you a story?

I teach religious education to 5th graders on Wednesday evenings. I was with them last night.  It was supposed to be our Christmas party but my class always opens with talking to God.  Not formal prayer but simply "Hi, God, this is.....and I wanted to tell you....".  )This is my way of reminding my kids that God is not only at church but with them every moment of every day, supporting, encouraging, helping.)  Anyway, last night they reminded me that we hadn't talked to Him the week before so they really wanted to start with their talk.  A boy we'll call Mark (not his real name) started with "Hi, God, it's me.  I wanted to ask you again to help my family..." he began crying but continued his conversation with God about the trouble in his home.  And he continued sobbing and explaining to God what he needed God to do until he was sure God understood.  He ended with "Ok, God, thank you for listening."  Then another boy who had already talked with God raised his hand and asked if he could say something else to God.  He said, "Hi, God, me again.  I just wanted to let you know that Mark is a real good guy so please help him out with that.  Thank you."

Simple faith.  Neither boy questioned whether or not God heard them.  Neither boy questioned whether or not God would or could or should help them.  They simply gave it up to Him.  And I could have intervened and told the boys that God may not answer in the way they wanted Him to.  I could have gently explained that life gives us trials and tribulations we must go through.  But I didn't.  I wouldn't.  They trusted in God and they had faith He heard them.  And I know with certainty that God is with my boys.

Simple faith moves mountains.  Simple faith wins wars.  So I won't give you long explanations of how to quit or what to do instead of smoking or how addiction lies to keep you hooked.

I will simply say have faith.  You can quit.  Don't worry so much, don't over plan, don't look for ways out.  Just have faith you can do it.  The rest will come.