Just Stand Up

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 2, 2018

~~The worst thing is watching someone drown and not being able to convince them that they can save themselves just by standing up.~~  Unknown


That's what we try to do, you know.  Those of us who have been there.  Those of us who used to believe everything you are believing right now.....the lies of addiction.  "I can't", "Now is not the best time", "I will as soon as I find a new job or get married or heal or am less stressed".  


We tell you that recovery delivers everything addiction promises...healing, freedom, relief, joy.  But when you hear us with the ears of an addict, you may hear only that others are successful while you remain stuck.  When you read with the eyes of an addict, you may only see that other people have something you can't achieve.  


Please just stand up.  Addiction only has the power you give it.  Don't feed it.  Don't fear it.  Understand it instead.  Accept it.  And then move past it, leaving it behind where it needs to be.  You have that power.  Just stand up.