Gaining Freedom

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Feb 3, 2017

I read somewhere "You are unrepeatable".

Isn't that something?  One of a kind....unique......unrepeatable.

In other words, you bring to the world something that no one else can.  Something that is only in you and not found anywhere else on earth.

Why am I writing about this here?

Because if you are smoking, you are led by your addiction which means you are unable to give the world your all.  Addiction, you see, robs us of the ability to truly live.  Addiction dictates our movements, robs us of time, and steals our health, whether we feel those effects or not.

When we quit, we not only gain better health, more time, and a stronger bank account.  We gain the freedom to do or be or say or try anything in the  world we want to do or be or say or try!  Our true selves emerge from behind the smoke and we allow ourselves to blossom into who we were always meant to be.

You are unrepeatable. You are needed. 

I hope this gives you.....hope