Psst...hey, you!

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Feb 3, 2017

No one knows you're here, right?  You are reading, looking, wondering.....can I be here, too?  Can I become an ex? 

Since you are silent, no one can reach you.  Maybe this is your way of protecting yourself just in case you chose not to quit.  Maybe you think you will fail so you want no one to know.

Maybe your sense of doom is so great that you simply come here to hope that one day, you'll get it.  You will perhaps one day just be able to set them down and walk away......

The secret of quitting is you just have to do it.  Don't wait.  Don't hope for a 'better' day.  Don't wait until you get the doctor's report.

Just do it.  Now.  And know that failure is an option, not a requirement.  You are in control of your quit.  You are in control of the outcome.  You don't have to fail.  You don't have to have a miserable "quit attempt". 

Just do it.  Walk away.  And be absolutely firm in your commitment to your quit.  There will be no turning back, no slips, no failure.  Smoking isn't who you are, its just something you used to do.  Don't make it hard, don't make it impossible.  Reach out here....don't be silent.  Ask questions, voice concerns, seek knowledge.

But most of all, know in your head and in your heart that you are in control of your quit.  You are stronger than you know, braver than you think.  You can do this.....whether you want to or not.  You can do this.

And I know because I was you 1340 days ago.  We were all you at one time or another.  And we learned that we just have to do it.  So we are here to help you do it, too.

You can. Just do it.