Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Feb 1, 2017

We sometimes think of quitting as an end to something.  Giving up something we've done, letting go of a firmly implanted habit, or simply closing the door to smoking.  In other words, we are quitting.

Could you maybe think of it in another way?  Rather than quitting, you are starting something new.  A healing.  A beginning.  A lifetime of better health.  More money.  More time.  You are beginning to take back what smoking has taken from you.


For those still in the thinking stage.....think of all the gains!  Think of your body thanking you!  Think of your family being proud (not to mention healthier!).  Think of the pride you'll have in yourself.  Think of the excitement of not being controlled by a substance.  A deadly substance.  Think of the wonder you'll feel as you are no longer tied to an addiction that dictated what you did, when you did it, and how it isolated you from the rest of the world. 


For you who are newly quit...you are beginning a remarkably powerful journey of beginnings.  One of hope, one of joy.

One of the best things that you will ever accomplish.  You will discover yourself.  You will emerge stronger, wiser, and so much more in love with life.  You will struggle at times but you struggled while smoking as well.  Life moments happen, both good and not so good.  We adjust, we get through, and we go on.


Welcome, dear quitters, to the best decision you've ever made!!  You are beginning the most exciting journey of your life.  Enjoy it and don't look back.  You've got this.


(I don't know how many days I have any more.  But I will be at four years 6/4/17)