Day 115 - GROSS Mouth!

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Jun 28, 2018

So I've mostly been trying to keep my bloggo-s happy and optimistic because I have been mostly happy and optimistic now that I'm free BUT today I'm feeling annoyed and grossed out and just ewwwwww!  I woke up and discovered that the sore spot in my mouth which I had been ignoring for a week or two is in fact an abscess.  



I thankfully have dental insurance, a flexible job, and a good dentist who agreed to see me today at 2 PM so everything will be fine.  I am also thankful that it's not too terribly painful, I have had terrible teeth problems which I'm sure can be some what attributed to smoking, so unfortunately this is not the first time I've had a dental abscess. Check this out....one more reason to stay quit! https://www.dentalhealth.org/smoking-and-oral-health 


It is no less disgusting this time though. This probably also explains why I've had a head ache and upset stomach for about a week.  I am gross.  Ugh.  This is the second dental problem I've had this month...earlier this month I chipped a tooth... on an inside molar...who does that?!?!?  Maybe it is because of all the sugary hard candies I've been eating?  Nah' that can't be it.  I hate not suger candy...but I may have to switch.  My dentist fixed that for me and said it was fine. She didn't even mention how less stained my teeth looked.  A couple of years ago she gave up suggesting I quit smoking and told me to just come in every 3 months for a cleaning because of all the nicotine stains. 


I am thankful to be an ex-smoker and I am also annoyed and gross.  The end.