Day 99 -  “Clean” and “healthy” lungs formula

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Jun 12, 2018

If you're like me you may be thinking weird thoughts in your quit, for example, I think that I will stay quit until my lungs are cleaned out and bright pink again.  So I've done some research.  A lot of articles say that you actually will never have bright pink lungs like a non-smoker does if you've smoked for any duration because there is permanent damage done to your lung tissue.  So based on that I will need to stay quit forever....that is if I am lucky enough to do so.   I found this article interesting....https://www.sayonarasmoking.com/smoking-lungs-long-take-heal/  ...

because it includes a formula to estimate how long it will take for a smoker's lungs to be clean AND healthy after they quit.  The formula is Number of packs smoked in a day X number of years X 2 equals the number of years until your lungs will be clean and healthy.   


So for me, I smoked .75 packs per day times 25 years (aged 13 to 38) times two equals 37.50 years.  So in 37.50 years, I may have lungs almost like a non-smoker.   Thinking about how long it will take to kind of reverse the damage smoking did to my body helps remind me why I quit and it also takes the power out of my urges to smoke.  Why would I every consider inhaling anything that causes 37.50 years to mostly recover from?  I wouldn't.  I wouldn't consider it.


How long will it take your lungs to recover?