Day 43...gratitude

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Apr 17, 2018

My last few posts were regarding erratic, in retrospect irritational, frustrations and anger with my husband, friends, and or co-workers.  Today I feel pretty good.  Make a note, my feelings change regularly.  I love the saying that the good news is nothing last forever!   It's also sometimes the bad news.  Ying and Yang.  To every down feeling I've experienced I have experienced an equally awesome good feeling.  I said it before and I say it again, Feelings aren't Facts!  I have, for the most part, less a few uncontrolled outbursts, managed to contain my cranky pants thinking to myself OR posted it here and received much-needed support and constructive feedback.  Thank you to the awesome regular members of the EX Community!!!   


At day 43 here's just a few of the things I am truly grateful for...

  • I'm GRATEFUL to God that I am a non-smoker for today!
  • Deep clear, crisp clean breaths..all day long
  • This site, those before and after me in non-smokerness.  
  • The daily pledge
  • Smelling the shampoo and body wash in the shower in the morning
  • My clothes smell good, I don't have to wash them as much- less laundry!  Score!
  • My hair smells good
  • I eat breakfast when I wake up now
  • Driving with my windows rolled up or down or however...no longer have to keep them down all the time
  • It doesn't look like an ash blizzard inside my car (and I've only washed it twice in the last 43 days)
  • I can sit down and relax when I get home from work and watch a whole show without pausing it
  • I went for a 3-mile bike ride on Sunday and at the gym Saturday I was doing cardio and realized I was breathing through my nose and not gasping for air like I normally do
  • I can be in the moment, I'm not plotting how I can get away from people so I can hide and smoke
  • My cravings have diminished substantially...although I am still watching for them, like last night after I had pizza.
  • Best gift ever, my stomach and related issues seem to be regulating


There are of course many more things for which I am grateful.  I will be flying for the first time as a non-smoker in May and I can't wait to not have to rush outside to suck a cigarette down before my family arrives to pick me up.  In reality, it's SO much easier being a non-smoker...I don't even have to do anything...I just have to NOT do something...just procrastinate.