Day 14, Hour 15...the magic is ah' happening!

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Mar 19, 2018

Good day EXers!  Today marks two weeks into my hopefully forever quit!!!!  I feel good today, the weekends are hands down my biggest challenge but so far they are manageable.  I've basically given myself a weekend pass to do whatever I need to do to walk as peacefully as possible AND smoke-free through the weekend.  Example one, on Saturday I woke up a little later than normal for me (about 8 AM) dressed and went to breakfast and then came home and slept for three more hours.  There were many to-do's on my list that I did not do but I did the MOST important one and stayed smoke-free so it's okay.  Definitely not my normal Saturday it's fine.  Also last night, which was Sunday night, I ate far more sugar than I would normally have even wanted but I let myself for now because I'm smoke-free and it's okay. 


I am also happy to report that I believe I've found the perfect el'natural remedy to my quit smoking tummy woes which I had been bitching about in likely far too much detail.  So, if you are a constipated new non-smoker here's what worked for me....

1 Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily

1 Teaspoon Inulin powder in water (1 to 3 times daily depending on my schedule)

2 Tablespoons Whole Psyllium Husks in water (with a juice chaser daily in the evening)

I will take this for the next 30 days or until it runs out and then see how we're doing.  Hopefully, it resets my body to natural and I won't need any further supplements.


In closing, here's my gratitude list for the last 14 days...

  • It's easier to breath
  • I am FREE
  • My thoughts seem to be getting less racey and crazy.  The first week my brain just kept thinking you don't smoke, you don't smoke, you don't SMOKE!  DANG, IT DON'T SMOKE!  NOPE!
  • My temptations have been mostly fleeting, although it doesn't feel like it in the moment
  • My car is still pretty clean inside, doesn't look like ash snow storm blizzard hit the inside (if you have black interior you know what I mean)
  • I think my husband is considering quitting after seeing me walk through it
  • My clothes and car smell pretty good
  • I haven't had to avoid any co-workers or other people who don't know I smoke for fear of public shaming
  • I've saved at least $85.00 (but probably more with my improved non-smoker health)


...and many more.  Thank you very much to everyone who participates in this site.  I think it's been paramount in my quit.