Day 10, Hour 11 - Cravings...how did you crush them?

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Mar 15, 2018

Well, I've pretty much been coasting so far but I did have my first major craving which I am still sort of trying to shake.  Last night I went to In-N-Out and ordered my usual with a Coke and realized oh **** I have NEVER driven home after this without smoking.  Even when I didn't really want to smoke, I thought I have this fresh Coke, I have to smoke on the way home.  I remember often thinking this cigarette doesn't even taste good but I have this fresh Coke, I have to do this.  PLUS it's exactly one full cigarette in time to get home.  Then I eat, then I smoke again.  I would ALWAYS smoke with my crisp fresh Coke on the drive home from In-N-Out and oh man my mouth is watering just even typing this out.   

Here's how I handled it...First I said NOPE!!! (Not one puff ever!!!!) and that had a very small impact.  I thought about my friend Kim who told me she quit smoking when she was my age and it was super easy, kind of like what I've been experiencing, and a few years into her quit she thought ah' I could have one once in a while...and now she smokes more then she used to and just can't seem to muster the mental wherewithal to quit.  So basically I reminded myself this could be my only chance.   Then I thought, shoot...I am a NONsmoker now, there is literally NO Nicotine in my body so this is all in my mind.  I don't need a cigarette. I don't have to smoke anymore, I'm FREE!!!  Then I thought, I just got my car detailed and it's no longer a smokers car so I can't smoke in here PLUS if I pulled over to smoke then my food will get cold and that would be gross.  Oh' also I have no cigarettes or lighter and then I'd have to stop for that so my food would get colder and even grosser.  So logically and scientifically there is no reason to smoke right now.  It's SCIENCE!  Then positive mantra, I'm Good, I'm Good, I'm Good, I'm Good, continue... And I tried to focus on every time I resist the urge or craving to smoke because I always did when I did this or that I get just a tiny bit stronger.  I also in my mind prayed and so say oh' please help me to get through this.  I ate my food, washed my face, got in my jammies, prepped the coffee for the morning, put on a tv show I really like for about an hour, and went to bed.   I also accept I will be uncomfortable sometimes and it's okay, it won't kill me.  I'm changing a big bad habit I've had and that's going to take a while to get used to. 


Now it's today.  I am free another day! 


I've heard the further away from smoking I get the more random and potentially strong, my cravings will become in the first year.  How have you crushed your cravings?  Is that true, my cravings will become more random and strong for a while?