Day 8, hour 18, minute 15 - when did your brain fog lift?!

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Mar 13, 2018

Shoot, I am making all kinds of mistakes at work.  AND I'm behind on basically everything.  I start one thing and then get distracted and start another thing and then nothing is finished.  This is actually my second attempt at this post because I friggin clicked the back button after I finished the first version and it just cleared the whole thing.  I've been sending emails to the wrong people, today I totally spaced a fairly important calendared meeting that was sending me reminders!!!!  I've never done that before.   


I was chatting with my friend Sheila last night who's been a non-smoker for years and she asked if I felt out of it and I said yeah but I kind of enjoy it.....but not at work.  Normally I'm a fairly productive multi-tasker with a solid memory.  Now I'm a space cadet, meeting forgetting unproductive worker.  PS. No one at work knows I've quit because really went out of my way to not advertise that I smoked in the first place.  I'm sure they smelt it on my sometimes but I was pretty cautious.


When did your fog clear?  Any tips for not blowing it at work?  Thankfully nothing I've done so far is detrimental and I'm doing my best to GO SLOW and put off what I can't focus on right now.