Day 7, hour 10, minute whatever - feeling blah

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Mar 12, 2018

Feeling a lot less ambitious today.  I thought I would be pumped, it's day 7, officially I have been smoke-free for an entire week.  I don't think I've gone 7 days smoke-free since I started smoking in my teens.  I had a really productive Saturday.   I woke up early, went to the Gym, stopped by the car dealership to see about getting my cabin air filter changed - I CAN NOT stand the way my car smells now it's so disgusting, then ran some errands, napped, went to dinner and bowling with friends.  Then Sunday, I woke up in a really bad mood, my stomach was super hurty because I've been so constipated and I was seriously considering smoking to make it go away.  One of my friends suggested that I drink some magnesium citrate saline, which you can buy at Target, so I did.  It's supposed to produce a reaction within 30 minutes to six hours, and right around hour five when nothing had happened and I was super uncomfortable I decided well if I don't poo by the sixth hour I'm smoking.  It must mean I should smoke.  Well, long story short right around the sixth hour it kicked in and then I spent pretty much the rest of the night with the opposite problem.  I am definitely no longer constipated.  I wasted the entire day yesterday, Sunday.  I was in my jammies except for the Target run and watched The Magicians and napped and was cranky to my husband the whole day.  I totally wasted the day.  


It's radically disturbing to me to know that my digestive system is so affected by not smoking.  I won't go into detail but I've had stomach problems for years and now I wonder if it's directly related to smoking?  I'm sure it is.  Not sure if it's from yesterday but physically and mentally I just feel down.  Maybe from doing nothing productive yesterday?  I almost called out sick to work but it's easier to not smoke when I'm at work so even if I sit here and do nothing it's better than being at home.


When do you really start to feel better?  I've read 21 days, 90 days, 130 days...what's the deal.  I just feel like fudge...this is stupid.  I'll probably smoke anyway so why am I torturing myself?


Oh' this might be helpful to other new non-smokers but when I went to the car dealership to ask about getting the smoke smell out and replacing the cabin air filter the service manager said they have this machine that sucks all the air out of the car and will get rid of the smell like 90%.  They do it when they get a smoker's trade in but haven't done it for a regular customer before...so they're doing that to my car today.  I paid to get it detailed too as my 1-week reward.  That's what's keeping me smoke-free today...I paid to have my car detailed and get the smoke smell out so I can't smoke today.