Captains Log day 4 hour 17 minute 2

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Mar 9, 2018

It's 3:32 PM and the weekend is briskly approaching.  What do you do to stay busy and smoke-free on the weekends?  I think I'm going to do whatever I'd like, shop, nap, I do want to get my car detailed.   This will be my first non-smoker weekend and I am pumped about it!!!!   And a little nervous too.   When I step back and look at my physical and emotional state right now, 4 days, 17 hours + since the last cigarette I have to openly admit despite some urges to smoke that I've acknowledged but distracted myself from I overall feel pretty good.   I feel like I am giving myself a breath of fresh air, literally.  I feel a bit anxious but not too bad and this morning when I woke up I thought oh' I can sit in the living room in my recliner and enjoy my coffee and a game of candy crush...no longer do I have to freeze in the garage so I can chain smoke before my shower.  That was kind of nice.  


On a more sorrowful note, a woman at my work passed away a few weeks ago, and I attended her funeral today.  She was a heavy smoker and so is her husband who also works here.  She was only 68 and had been battling other health issues for years, it was obvious she was in poor health but I never expected her to pass on.  She was a closet smoker, I never actually saw her smoke and although I couldn't smell it on her because I also smoked I've heard from many people that she always smelled of smoke...probably just like me.  She was a sweet lady, gone too soon, and likely attributed at a minimum partially to nicotine and cigarette smoking.   Please close your eyes and send Cathy some sweet thoughts of light, love, and peace and I hope she's in a better place.


I am grateful for my health, for my life, for 4 DAYS!!!!  17 HOURS!!!! smoke-free!!!!  How is this even happening?!  I am so grateful to be able to do this.  I will be blown away if I make it through this weekend without smoking, but I don't have to I only have to make it home and then another small thing and then another, etc.  I give myself the window to do whatever I need to not to smoke, nap, shop, sleep, eat, whatever.  I mentioned it in an earlier post but wanted to re-mention that my husband still smokes.  We don't smoke indoors so that's a big blessing.  I'm going to get my car detailed this weekend if it doesn't rain too much to try and get it to smell less like an ashtray.  I never knew how disgusting it smelled even though I have febreeze thingys and a scented tree.  I'm going to clean the house, go to a group bowling thing tomorrow night, take some naps, go to the gym, and....mostly focus on staying busy so I don't even have to think " Wait I don't' smoke?"


Here's a preview of a cool article I found today....


Smoking is a mental addiction after the first 4 days of quitting  

Face it. Look it in the mirror, in the eyes. It’s you and your brain is brain-washed. How will you un-wash it? Remove the fear, the doubt, the sinister plot Big Tobacco has dragged you into, like an undertow at the shoreline during a storm at sea. You stepped in and it dragged you out, way, far out, into the ocean of fear and doubt and artificial stimulation. What now? You’re “used to the feeling” you get from a cigarette. Right? What if you knew about a legume, a natural supplement that made you feel the same way–would you eat it daily so you didn’t have to smoke? Common sense says you would. Just a little bit of information goes a long way these days. When the mental state kicks in and tells you that you need a smoke, the supplemental phase kicks in and you eat some natural legume called mucuna–bye bye artificial and irrational mood swings!

 Here's the article....A Study On The Brainwashing Media Propaganda And Behavior Rituals Engrained In The Brains Of Smokers


Thank you for being here long and short timers.  I appreciate you!


ps....still waiting to poo ....I found this cartoon humorous in that regard.  Hopefully, this is my lucky weekend!