3 Days, 16 hours

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Mar 8, 2018

Day 3, I have most definitely had a few decent cravings/urges but by the grace of God, I've managed to squeak through them.  I wake up knowing that I won't be able to not smoke the entire day.  I can't smoke for an entire day BUT I can take a shower and get dressed and get in my car for work.  I can't smoke on my drive to work though so I'll probably blow it then.... I'll wait until I get to work to smoke.  Then I get to work without smoking.  I've eliminated my daily 10 AM and 3 PM smoke breaks a few years ago when my employer went strictly smoke-free.  Some people persisted and stand in the street right in front of the building and smoke where everyone can see them.  Thankfully I'm too concerned with appearances to do that.  The last three days I know I'll smoke on the way home, I always have exactly one cigarette on my way home, followed by two to three when I arrive home and then one more before dinner.  That's just what I do, whether I want to or not.  But these 3 days now 17 hours and 2 minutes I've told myself I'll just do this one thing and then smoke.   And repeat.  I can't mentally wrap my pea-sized brain around spending the entire day without smoking but I can do a few minutes or a single activity first.  The mornings, evenings, and before bed are the hardest for me.  I worry about the weekend, that's when I smoke the most.    Also, I miss pooing in the morning with a strong cup of coffee and Marlboro red.   I have taken magnesium as someone suggested but it has barely made a dent so I just ordered some Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1.  We'll see how that does.  


Also, today is my 38th birthday.  I can't think of any other gift more precious than 3 days and now 17 hours smoke-free.  I have wanted to quit for years and couldn't muster the power.  I did not ween off, I repeat I smoked as much as I could then gave it to God and NOPE-ed it.  Not one puff ever...I was previously writing it not one more puff ever but that's not correct, or is it.  So anyway....good luck to all.  I probably won't be able to stay stopped but I can NOPE it for right now.