Day 2 AM

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Mar 6, 2018

I have had a few pretty powerful urges to smoke since my last post.  Before I go to bed I would normally chain smoke 2-3 cigarettes and same thing when I wake up.  Honestly, I attribute this unusual willingness to be mildly uncomfortable and change my routines to a higher power, Spirit of the Universe, or God if you'd like.  This is not how I usually handle my free time and I have NEVER been able to do this before.  When I have had cravings I literally say out loud NOPE!!!!  Not one more puff EVER!!!  So technically NOMPE!  I'm kind of waiting for the hard part, when is that going to happen?  I do have one issue, turns out my morning bathroom time was somehow associated unconsciously with my morning coffee/chain smoke session.  That's right folks I'm a bit backed up.   I drank over 60 oz. of water yesterday but I guess I gotta step it up today.  I posted a picture of what my desk looks like above...my co-workers probably think I'm weirder than they originally thought.  I'm having a ridiculously unproductive week but oh' well if I get through without a smoke then who cares?!?!?!  The times I have felt like smoking the most, like last night before bed which was my first night not smoking, I tell myself this might be the ONLY chance I get to quit.  I've been praying about quitting, reading books, patches, gums, medications, and whatever else I hear might work for years but this time I just said enough is enough.  I chain smoked my brains out Sunday, decided Monday 03/05/18 would be my first day, and miraculously now I haven't smoked for 1 day, 9 hours and 43 minutes and I feel mostly good.  Good luck to all today, I hope that you stay positive and I hope we make it through a few more hours!  Take a really deep breath and enjoy the whezzy free breathing!