Day 1 PM

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Mar 5, 2018

It's 4:55 PM and I successfully completed my first non-smoking work day.  I'm based in California and the company I work for went completely smoke-free campus a few years ago so I had already acclimated to not smoking 8 AM - 5 PM for fear of public shaming.  It's really looked down upon.  Obviously for good reason.  I tried so hard to get someone to go to lunch with me because I would normally not smoke with a co-worker anywhere near me but no one could go.  I went by myself and guess what, I got a couple urges but ti passed.  I know tonight will be the real challenge.  Normally because I hadn't smoked all day I would have smoked like 5 cigarettes back to back when I get home.  Then on Monday's, I have a regular group I attend where a lot of people smoke and it's sort of a trigger but I'm prepared.  Not one more puff ever!!!!  Damn it I want to get through this.  According to one of the apps I downloaded, I'm at 18 hours 30 minutes since my last smoke.  I may post again when I get home at 10 PM but here's some items I'm really, truly grateful for today....

I still can't believe I made it through my morning routine without a smoke

I enjoyed the morning air without smoke. 

I didn't waste 20-30 minutes smoking which made me show up late to work.

I smelt good when I got to work and didn't have to worry if my coworkers smelt that I was a human ashtray

I didn't worry about smelling like an ashtray when I came back from lunch.


God, please help me move through my evening as smoothly as my morning and day.   Good luck to all of you for the evening