Day 1 AM

Blog Post created by DLHaffner on Mar 5, 2018

Day 1 AM...I'm still fully blown away that I made it through my morning routine without even one smoke.  Last night, 03/04/18, from 10 PM - 10:30 PM I sat outside and smoked 3 cigarettes.  I threw the rest of the pack away when I got inside. I did what Alan Carr and that whyquit.com site suggested this morning and really didn't change my routine other than not smoking.  Time to learn some new habits.  In all honesty, I feel pretty good, I want to be free of these stupid cancer sticks.  I've said that all before though.  This is my annual quit smoking attempt.  I was going to carry a 21 mg patch with me in case I break but the ones I had from last years attempt were expired so I'm smart turkey-ing it.   PLUS cigarettes are now over $8 per pack, that's roughly $2,100 per year, which is insane.  I'll just get real here, my husband an I have had trouble conceiving and we have an appointment with a fertility doctor in May.  We've gotten pregnant twice but both were ectopic...which could be directly related to us both smoking.  So really it's a waste of time and effort, in my opinion, to seek fertility assistance if I continue consuming over 1000 chemicals 14 plus times per day.   


I do sort of feel like I'm acid, my hands are shaky and I feel a little nauseous but mentally so far I feel strong.  I prayed this morning and begged God or whoever to please keep me smoke-free and continue to repeat NOPE (not one more puff ever). 


This site is most helpful.  Thank you to all those who contribute.