Things I've been told by former smokers and smokers

Blog Post created by DEFJamBaby on Feb 8, 2017

I'm still cutting down, but today my tobacco will run out and I will continue the cutting down until the 11th of February with nicotine free e-cigarettes. I've been looking forward to this day, since I decided to free myself from this filthy habit. So, I'm even more happy, that it'll get here sooner than expected.

But in the last few days I've come across some encouraging reactions, like from my dad, who has never been a smoker. Obviously, he's relieved that finally one of his smoking girls (my mom, my sister, me, his sisters, his nieces - all smokers) frees herself without being ill already. My best friend is cutting down now as well, being inspired by the example I'm setting and the determination and positive thinking I've been displaying. My oldest friend, who has never smoked has begged me to quit for years, so yes, she's a great help.

But here come the weird ones:

My partner still smokes and he's been saying that he wants to quit before his birthday in June. He's not showing any signs that he'll really go through with it, because he's not at all convinced that there will be withdrawl symptoms or even that he has triggers that will make it difficult for him. Huge sign for me: he's calling it "quitting" or "giving up". To me it's "freeing myself from". His mind set is off, at least to me. So, I understand why he made the following suggestion, when I told him last night, that I'll be running out of tobacco today: "Just don't smoke one tomorrow, that way you get to smoke one the day after and the day after that."

The one I don't understand is my mother. Well, I sort of do, but it's not helpful at all. Last night I went over to my parents house and my dad asked me if I was still going through with the cutting down and if my mind is still set on it. After I said "yes, of course", the conversation went to money spent on cigarettes. I've never smoked as much as my mom, so when I said an approximate amount (probably 50-60€ a month, because I smoked cartons every once and a while, but mostly rollies), my mom actually said: "Well, that's not worth quitting over! That's barely anything worth saving!"

I was genuinly shocked! But it's obvious to me now: She never wanted to free herself. She had to quit because of the lung disease she developed. All I said was: "Sure, because my health isn't a bigger benifit than 60€ a month..." But how do I react in the future? I'm actually quite nervous, that she'll be the driving factor of me not succeeding. Her birthday is coming up in a week from Sunday and I don't know how to avoid the subject at all.