A Choice

Blog Post created by DDfree on Aug 15, 2017

Have Faith! Worked for me! 38 days cigarette free! Okay not trying to be cute anymore. We all know there is absolutely nothing cute about cigarette cravings!  Oh I know this is still not over! How well I know the road ahead as I have traveled similar ones. I'm psyched to have more than a month of quit time but I know this is a long hard journey. Nothing worth having comes easy in this life anyway! And this is so very true in regards to smoking cigarettes.  There are times when sitting at my desk, I get an urge to go and grab one. When I'm stuck in traffic and smoke is bellowing out of the other cars. Yeaaaap that one is a tough one. But I know that if I slip up what happens! Nicotine is a drug. One that I began playing around with at 16 that ended up making me its slave in less than a year to follow. It's a lifestyle change more than anything for me. I don't want to be a slave to cigarettes for the rest of my life! I don't think anyone ever really CHOOSES to be an addict! But we can choose recovery! And for me that is a daily choice! Not just against cigarettes but against anything that doesn't line up with my lifestyle changes. Freedom is a choice! Freedom is attainable! But Freedom is also a Project. One that requires a lot of time and thought. That's right a long going project that you have to work on daily to obtain results. Some days are better than others. We have ups and downs. That's life! That's a part of the journey. But it all starts in our choices#, so what will you choose today?