I think I can

Blog Post created by DANIELA040220 on Apr 12, 2020

I am reading Allen Carr's book right now and I'm starting to understand much about myself and my addiction. I was having horrible withdrawal just now and my roommate is delusional (actually,  because I live in a group home setting) , she was provoking me and I had a huge, psychotic panic attack, not even thinking that I could chew some nicotine gum. Well, someone reminded me of the gum so that saved me, for the moment. If I really need to stay awake for most of the night because I can't get any rest then I will, but I'm already starting to feel drowsy. 


I think as long as I don't smoke I will get through this. I have some determination now!


As Carr says, there is no benefit to smoking it's just an endless cycle that's been created to get the next fix. It doesn't help you relax or be less bored etc.


Carr says the withdrawal doesn't last long but I hadn't had a cigarette the whole day and now in the evening I experienced this terrible withdrawal. Why?