Day 1401

Blog Post created by Crunkgrinder on Apr 21, 2017

It's been 1400 days and I'm rapidly approaching 4 years nicotine free. I can easily go months at a time without thinking about smoking, so it's almost too easy to put this site at the back of my mind.


I recently got back a copy of Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking that I forgot I had. My mom let someone borrow it and they probably had it for over three years (although I'm not so sure they ever read it). That book changed my perception so drastically that I still will recommend it to even non-smokers so that they can better understand nicotine addiction. So far I'm still not sure if anyone has actually taken my advice, but I still find it worth the try. I plan on re-reading it myself before I loan it out again.


I'm not entirely sure when my last update was. Since my original quit date, I had moved for a year while attending college, broke up with an ex, started dating my current boyfriend of three years, moved back with my parents for a couple of months, moved to Florida, saw the ocean for the first time (and dolphins!), swam with manatees, canoed with alligators, went to Jamaica, moved BACK from Florida, started volunteering at my local shelter again, got a job at a bank, bought a house and adopted three more dogs (on top of the one I already had). I've done all this without ever smoking one cigarette.


Life goes on.