Switching back to the positive, Heartwarming Story er pic added

Blog Post created by Cricket on Aug 18, 2018
  1. This is picture of ER Doctor blushing because he just tried to do CPR on a doll!!!This is the ErThis is the ErYesterday was such a rough day, I thought it was time to have a little fun.  I finished "Ana May"  on Monday and shared pictures with my brother.  He was so loved her so much, that on impulse I gave her to him!  He was so excited, He said He was going to go out and buy a basinet so she would have a place to sleep!  He also can't wait to take her to church!

So I am working on giving her a special send off.  It will be difficult to say goodbye to her, but she is going to a good home.  I want to send her with extra outfits and I have a very special dress for her that I bought at the doll show.  

She was complete hand painted using multiple thin layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints to create her lifelike skintone, the layers include undertone washes, mottling, vains capilliaries and things like that.

Her hair was hand rooted in a realistic growth pattern.  This is a process of attempting to push the hairs (goat mohair) into the vinyl one or two at a time....(trying not to get those big plugs you have with factory dolls) It takes me several weeks to create a doll like this.  There were a couple of other shots I was trying to get to the computer to upload, but I am having trouble with them.  (I'm not very good with the computer)  trying to figure it out, but here is what I got