180 Days smokefree!

Blog Post created by Cricket on Aug 10, 2018

That's six whole months!  Who would have thought that I would get a wild hair and just go for it!!  There has been a few times that I said to myself "I did what?!  I quit smoking?!"  I had to remind myself all the reasons I quit in the first place like better health for myself and all the people around me and the stupid amount of money I was wasting and the gross smells it created on my body and in my environment.  And settiing a bad example for my grandchildren.  I made that DECISION not to smoke anymore, all I had to do from there is accept how non- negotiable that decision is.  No matter what is going on or how much the Nicodeamon whispers, my answer will always be no!  I am in control.  I have met all my goals so far, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, Two weeks, 1 month, 130 days... (still pestering me?)  Ok fine, 180 days then!  I made it this far and still don't feel any safer then when I started.  So how do you do it when it's not easy?

One Day At a Time!!!  I CANNOT let my gaurd down...EVER.  Nicodeamon is just waiting his turn!  The power is in being  aware of him.  So if you do have cravings, embrace them because they help you stay alert.  Now that I have reached my 180 days, I need to replace it with a new goal.

So I will shoot for 270 days, that would be 9 months.  Close enough to keep me from getting careless, but far enough that I have to work to stay on track.  I smoked for 37 years, I can't expect the Nico dude to go down without kicking, soo,  I keep trying.  I don't want to start over. EVER!

Cricket, 180 DOF