Nicotine fit all day strong in back ground

Blog Post created by Cricket on Jul 26, 2018

My day started out a bit rough.  I had offered to assist my daughter in getting a file folder full of paperwork in the right hands.  So I woke up, had a cup of coffee and went out to my studio only to find folder with 100 sheets of paper to copy!

My husband took my car so I had to hurry in order to borrow friends car before she went to work.  I made it just in time, but I dropped her at work.  The address I had to take the file to had me confused and before it was over I was having a bit of a panic attack.  I was so frazzled that it took me over two hours to complete a chore that should have ben completed in one hour.  In short I drove around lost.  I could not make myself trust the gps because I was sooo turned around that nothing made sence to me.  I finally got the paperwork into the right hands and was able to drive home without incident.  I probably would have bought a pack of cigarettes if i wasn't broke, but i didn't have any money on me!!   I was so happy to be home.  And the rest of my day went fine except I wanted a cigarette off and on all day.  I did not put a finger on the problem until I picked friend up from work.  I told her what happened, (I had to since I used a bit too much of her gasoline!)  She said it was no wonder, with me getting so upset and stressed out, it would trigger any smoker or ex-smoker!!  Wow!!  I hadn't even thought of that!!  But she was totally right!  Before I would have smoked five cigarettes to get through a situation like that!!  It really helped  to identify the problem and the fit has been slowly easing off...  Nico demon whispering to me that the doll show is over and I have completed bargain with hubby.  I have ignored him so far.  Not all the time but He is just saying!!  

All in all I am doing ok so far.  I had such a great time at the doll show, and  I have Internet at home now so this blog is being written up on my laptop and I want Mark to know I will be able to get my attachments up from here!!  Finally!  Just give me a few more days.  I will need to transfer and organize pictures and then I will be ready to post.  I am happily painting again!!  And I have a work in progress on a doll I am rooting.  I started her in the class I took at the show.  Sorry I have been so quiet, i have been in my own world, but it is still my smoke free world!!  I am still hitting the nicotine gum to keep me honest, but I guess I will have to come up with a plan to get rid of it someday soon.  It is still better than smoking and once again, I won the day!!  One day at a time I have made it 165 days without smoking after smoking two packs a day for 37 years!!  Not shabby!