Trying to get across no man's Land?

Blog Post created by Cricket on Jun 27, 2018

Hang in there, I PROMISE it will get better!!!  Just look at my other blogs and you will see it can and will be a rough ride!!  All you have to do is ride it out one day at a time and you WILL make it to the other side!!  There was a couple of times I really thought I wasn't going to make it, but I didn’t die or go crazy or anything unhealthy, in fact just the opposite!  I can breathe better and I am proud and strong!  I am A-OK!  Just don't give up, remember we are all here to catch you when you wobble and place you gently and lovingly back on solid ground. The Journey is always the best part, because without the bad we don't appreciate the good as much.  If we didn't have to fight a bit to earn our freedom, we wouldn't appreciate our freedom as much.  The struggle itself adds value to our progress, and value will help protect future struggles!  So if you are having a bit of a hard time or even a lot of a hard time, Celebrate because you are breaking free of nicotine's hold on you!!  Just don't forget to ask for help because we ALL want you to succeed!


Love, Cricket