Don't Beat Yourself Up!

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Oct 20, 2020

A message to those who have relapsed on their quit the for the first time or over and over


I know this may not seem relevant right now. But I am about to prove my point!

When I saw one of my alcohol Councillors a few years back she asked me if I had ever tried getting out of a finger trap and I had said no. She got me to get into one. I tried to pull and pull to get out of it and it just wasn't working. I struggled!

She said to me the more I struggled the worse it got so what you do is twist first then pull one of your fingers out!


After a relapse Do not beat yourself up!

Because when you do you are struggling!

Quitting any bad habit is like getting out of a finger trap. It is a metaphor that there can be many strategies to get through the emotions involved in these habits.


Take a deep breath

Keep the past in the past


Keep on finding your strategy!


I hope this helps!