My Smoke Free Life Episode 13

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Oct 19, 2020

I almost had a car accident the other week. I was on my way to go and see my Councillor who lives about a half hour drive away. I was at the intersection and the car started to gurgle. The the engine stopped and I ended up being stuck in the middle. I was scared. But really lucky because the intersection was on a hill and I was slowly going down it. My quick thinking came into play and I pulled over slowly in a nearby parking space. When I turned the ignition off the car gave off a smell that was rancid and just not normal. So I ended up doing the short walk to a nearby car dealership, where they also fix cars. They found out the fuel filter needed to be replaced, which costed me 100s of dollars ($270 AUD) . 

My walk home that day was really painful. I have really bad hip dysplasia, which means the hip socket is smaller than it should be. It was really painful and ontop of that my ankle was killing me. It was one of the worst mornings I have had. So I ended up talk to my Councillor on the phone for an hour instead.


Relationships wise I have decided to take myself off the market and immerse myself into my music. I released a track on Soundcloud and now I am re-writing and re imagining a track I wrote ages ago that I lost during a hardrive wipe, which is awesome because I realized it had still been in my head all along. Here is a link to my last EP, which is completely different to my chill out track some of you heard:

In Moderation EP | TheJuZShoW  

I am channeling all of my emotion back into my music, which is something I should be doing rather than chase people who aren't interested in me. When I write music nothing else matters. My surroundings feel like they are about to disappear and I just live in the moment. Time flies and I have been holding onto the experiences.


I must admit I am more resilient than I realize. I have been through a lot and somehow risen above it all. I am like most people. I come up, I come down, repeat! I am more mindful than I realize and sometimes I can be positive. I am in a position where I am accepting what is not within my control and staying goal orientated.