Another disappointment.

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Oct 18, 2020

Last night I found out the guy I had a crush on who collaborated with me who had the crush on me back turned around and ended up getting back together with his ex girlfriend. I feel disappointed and led on. But I respect his wishes.


My whole love life is filled with disappointments.

The first guy I partnered with ended up to be an emotionally abusive person, which changed me.

The second guy had problems and chose to live with a parent and refuse move out of the nest

The thurd guy thought he could get any girl he wanted and failed to properly open up to me after a year of dating

The forth guy wanted to rush into marrying me after 2 weeks of dating, not to mention other complications regarding his untreated mental illnesses.


I then went back to the second guy and that only lasted another 3 months thinking it was going to get better. But I stopped that also because I was too emotionally and mentally unwell at the time and he criticized me saying that commitment wasn't my strong suit.


I have had nothing but false hope and have lost all hope!

So There isn't much I can do in the love sector. I'm just going bury myself in writing music and tell myself to stop having feelings for people all together.