My Smoke Free Life - Episode 11

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Oct 4, 2020
Things are starting to take shape.
I am back on track being back on 5 days without alcohol. I realized that on this first course of Acamprosate I cant drink for about 16 weeks (4 months) . But I am ok with this. It would not make sense if I did drink while I was on it and I reckon it'd just make me really sick so I won't risk anything!
I have started exercising when my body permits. I have lost over 3.7 pounds. I have paid for a keto vegetarian meal plan for 6 months. I am not sure if I'll go back to eating meat. But I am just playing these next months by ear to see how fit and lean I will get. I know some people disagree with what I am doing. I don't even look fat. But it's one thing to be a good singer. But another thing to be a good FIT singer. But I am not just doing it for the physical side. It's also for my emotional side. I wanna be confidant in my own body and maybe make a few people jealous lol . Either way I really want this!
I have FINALLY been able to finish spray painting those chairs! It's looking AMAZING! All I need are plants are cushion and I'll be sweet! Here's a pic:
Oct 22 is a special day for me. It marks 6 years since I started working at the restaurant, which is the longest job I have ever had in my life. I have been looking at suggestions on how to celebrate without alcohol and I reckon I'll make a keto friendly cake to celebrate and maybe go shopping! My temptations to drink might be strong. But I think I go this seeing as I can't drink for a long time.
The song I have been working on with Artist Audio Assassin is called Emerging clarity and it comes out in about 4 days!
This week I have been really looking at the way I have been feeling. I am still in denial about how drinking is/was affecting this. But I might of been avoiding all of the mixed emotions I have been feeling because I get to a point in my days where I don't wanna think about anything.
Now I am just  facing them and trying to get used to allow it all to overwhelm me and make me cry and I am trying to embrace it. I feel like along with all these good things that I am doing and staying occupied isn't enough and I can't quite figure out why. I find my emotions very confusing and sometimes an little bit intense. it's amazing how a human being can feel so many emotions in the present and same moment.