My Smoke Free Life - Episode 9

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Sep 28, 2020

Making more progress this week. I finally got around to making a start on the spray painting and I am really happy with how it's coming along.

I can't wait til this setting is finished. It's going to look great! 

In other news I am on the path to wellness by getting more exercise and making the most out of staying occupied.They say it takes 4 weeks before the body can get into shape, which is the slowest part. But I got the end result in mind and I am determined to get that result!

The track for my collaboration with artist Audio Assassin is coming out in about 10-11 days and I am really excited about it!

The only problem I still have is the drinking. I am trying to correspond with my Councillor because mood wise I am not out of the woods right now. I always see myself as a work in progress.