My Smoke Free Life - Episode 8

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Sep 25, 2020

Good things are happening. I have almost finished the collab with a fellow musician. Everything sounds  great!

My front patio table came yesterday and I assembled it. The front patio is taking shape. All I need is to spray paint the chairs and get some plants for it. I haven't been able to make a start on it because the weather has been so strange. Yesterday we had snow, rain and hail, which is rare for us in Spring. The weather has been so strange that I am not sure when I will ever be able to spray paint. My scattered shifts at work are no help either!


I am finally going to get psychological counselling for all my problems. All the past losses and life changes I have had are still coming back to haunt me. My drinking is no better. But the good news is that I am still cut down. Maybe the extra help will help this more. But I won't go to AA. I have been trying to make arrangements to see my mum during the week and stay the night. All I do when I leave the house is do grocery shopping and work.


I have also been trying to get back to getting fit when my body permits. This will also help my mood and elevate some stress. I am always trying to find ways to cope all all my issues.

I am really hanging out for the warmer weather. If I had my choice I wouldn't be living in an area where the summers are late. 


My mood is slowly getting better because I have accomplished a lot more this week. It's important for the individual to stay occupied!