Does the quit journey end?

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Sep 1, 2020

Today I haven't got enough for my next episode. This comes later, when I actually have more to say.



But I have been thinking "Does the quit journey ever end?"

I am not entirely Sure!


Once you've decided to stay quit and have stuck to it and when you no longer have cravings to smoke, relapse and don't think about it anymore, by being stubborn and saying NOPE.  There for this part answers YES


But sticking to your quit afterwards is the part of me that thinks NO


Every aftermath of quitting smoking is different. For me my quit journey has ended because I have fully quit and stuck to it for so long. I have no intention to relapse nor have cravings anymore. But I am here to help others.


So what do you all think, long term quitters? Does the quit journey end or is it an ongoing thing for you?