My Smoke Free Life - Episode 1

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Aug 29, 2020

I have decided to post general updates about myself on this site and share my thoughts. I hope that the Becomeanex mods are ok with it!

Of course this won't be the only episode!


Spring is almost here! I have a few projects that I am looking forward to doing. I will be spray painting some outdoor furniture,  giving my front porch a welcoming and much needed revamp when it warms up. I will be sure to send some before and after pics in one of my next blog posts!

My music is going ok. But I have been undergoing the worst writers block! I haven't written or released anything new since February. But I have been asked to collaborate with my vocals by 3 other musicians. My boyfriend has been writing electronic music for over 20 years and wants my voice on so many of his  tracks. I have started having a go at recording my voice professionally on one them. 

Another project I am looking forward to is revamping the old Guinea Pig grave By planting orange and yellow flowers around their rock. My two girls had passed away 2 years ago. But I know they are in a better place!


I did a lot of self rewarding lately for cutting down on alcohol. I bought myself a table for out the front porch, a brand new ipod 7th Gen and an electric lighter. I know the electric lighter sounds sus. But its mainly for when I light my gas stove and light candles on the weekend. It's probably going to be the last spending splurge for a long time. I can easily save my money back. I am looking forward to receiving all my latest purchases in the mail.


I have been pretty productive lately. Last Thursday my mother came around to help organize my kitchen again. On top of that I had a handy man fix a clothes-line and a doorknob (my house is very old and practically falling down). Later on I finally had a plumber come round to fix the leak in the kitchen tap and under the kitchen sink that was causing massive water damage. I also did my usual house-work and barely stopped til much later in the day. 


I look at my life and realize that despite whats going on in the world my life is pretty good. I am still going to work and I am still really independent. My goal in life was to keep doing music while I have a job to support it and I have made that all happen. But I hope to one day own my own home and buy a new computer.