Pandemic Talk

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Aug 22, 2020

Down here in my State of Victoria/Australia we are back on lock down. We have the highest number of cases than the rest of Australia. We have to wear face-masks when we go out and if we don't it's a $200AUD fine!

But what seems to make it hard for the virus to slow down is the amount of littering and no proper disposal of throw away masks. I think this is apart of why we had over 723 new cases in one day several weeks ago.

We too are also trying to find a vaccine for this.


So how am I coping with it?

Well I'm not smoking still, so that's good. One less thing to worry about.

 Down here they brought out the Jobkeeper scheme to help us out during this crazy crisis and to help some of us still stay at work, do our jobs and most importantly get by financially. I am on this benefit right now.


My life hasn't really changed all that much this year. The only problem I seem to have is getting my alcohol under control and I am also getting help for that on This Naked Mind Community. I have come a long way in the past 3 months there. I was drinking almost everyday and have now even cut down to twice a week on average. 


I am coping. But I reckon I could cope even better. I miss hanging out with friends at the bar and having people over to my house for a catch up. I also miss short and long road trips. At least I can still check on my Mother and my step father every so now and then, Write music, watch Netflix and occasionally go for a walk under these restrictions, also come on this website to help others. The only other thing is that My boyfriend lives interstate and the boarders are closed so we can't physically see each other anytime soon. I have to be OK with it because it's not within my control. 


It is what it is!

But whatever you do don't allow the pandemic trigger you to smoke. It doesn't make any situation any better. Live that smoke free life no matter what!