Never Give up Giving up!

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Jul 9, 2020

A little help for those who have or are thinking of relapsing!


1. Think of how it'll affect you' re health. That is a no brainier!

2. Think of how it'll affect you emotionally IE The guilt, the regret!

3. What are you going to do if this does happen or has happen?


When it all comes to these things and other things in life we all need strategies in place to learn how to cope and let those negative feelings pass! Everyone copes with their own quit differently just like how we cope with difficult situations.


Everyone who knows me well on here knows that I have had a history of relapsing and when I did I hit it pretty hard. Why did I do it? I can't remember. It was so long ago. But WOW I felt the guilt! But the very last time I relapsed, which was about 7 odd years ago I I kept going back on the horse as soon as possible and I never turned to cigarettes again!


If you ever do relapse every-time you try it does get easier. We once had an ad campaign here in Australia where we had ads that said "Never give up giving up", which rings true . After you have relapsed get back into your quit straight away and really want to be smoke free forever. Be like the long term quitter, Don't let your negative feelings affect your quit!


Lots of love to you all!