Quit day- 5 days

Blog Post created by Cprice1226 on Oct 24, 2020

I have smoked this round for 5 years. Smoking off and on for 25 years now, about 1/2-3/4 pack per day. I think to myself, “Do I really enjoy this?”, “Why am I doing this to myself?”, “You’re a nurse, you know better”, “You watched your Daddy die on 12 liters of oxygen”.  I talked to my doctor months ago. I am on “enough” anxiety medication.  I have been through two quit smoking classes.  So, I know, but in the same sentence, don’t know what to do.  Change the habit and break this cycle. I did buy some lozenges. I love to be outside and plan to take some walks. And will have to avoid the stores to reduce the urge to buy a pack of $6-7 cigarettes.  I really want to succeed, be confident I can do this and make my family proud to be around me versus avoiding my smoke trail. Thanks for listening.