Applied What I Learned

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Nov 30, 2020

 After 4 plus years of being quit I began feeling the best I have since way before I quit smoking.   I decided / chose to lose weight and start walking.  I promised myself and made a commitment  to lose 100 pounds as of today I've lost 58


  It didn't start well the first 2 days I couldn't even make it up the first hill I was gasping for air so hard I had to stop catch my breath turn around and go back home. I actually thought about giving up as I thought I would never be able to even accomplish a simple hill. A hill I ran up as a child.  I even was giving myself a excuse I have COPD. My Ankle My Knee  I had a lot of excuses We are good at that

 I thought of some of the things I learned about quitting smoking and applied it to this situation. 

  Excuses are just that.

  I practiced HALT

  I Re-adjusted my Mindset. Just like quitting I believed

  I Set Goals I could Achieve One Day At A Time

  The 3rd day I promised myself I would make it to the top of that hill I pushed myself that morning huffing, puffing and gasping for air I made it to the top.  My first goal accomplished  after gasping for air a few minutes I turned around and went back home  From that day on I would walk up that hill and set a goal to the next fire hydrant or the next driveway or utility pool. With in 5 days I came upon my second hill.  It took me 2 days to make it up that hill and from that day I started setting larger goals to where I walk 3 1/4 miles one day and the next day 5 1/2 miles  I walked today in a misty rain / snow

   It's not about what others accomplish These are major accomplishments for me.  


My First Hill


2cd hill



My last 2 Hills