Apply and Commit

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Oct 23, 2020

Just thought I share 

   I learned a lot about what it takes to achieve to be a quitter    To want, To have a goal, To fully commit. To push forward when you feel lost and ready to give up.  Apply yourself to achieve 

  Well my story and I'm not proud of the beginning

   When I quit the first 3 months I was very limited to what physical activities I could do then winter came along and I still stayed in active Except of course for eating and did I eat as I as also taking steroids or did I eat.

Needless to say I went from 210 pounds I'm 6' 3"  I'm truly embarrassed to say I ballooned up and over 320 pounds

  Will not so long ago I had the want to lose weight, I made a commitment,  I pushed forward even when I wanted to give up.  This morning I hit my first goal I weighed in at 280.  Yes I'm proud I walk 3 plus miles every morning.   I will hit my next goal of 250 and my final goal of 210   It won't be easy It will take work but with commitment just like quitting smoking  I will hit all of my goals.  

  What does this have to do with smoking Not much except the tools you have and learned can be applied to just about anything in life

Yes you can quit You can do it