Huffing & Puffing

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Oct 13, 2020

   Joyce and I took another walk this morning at one of our many parks but today was a bit different.

The trails we have been walking on have several hills involved which is what we been looking for plus we find that their are way less people walking.   

   Anyway as Joyce and I were about to the top of the last hill I got hit by the smell of a cigarette smoke  much to my displeasure as the air was so fresh and clean this morning.  We came across a attractive woman  in her mid 30s sitting on the bench smoking and the first thing after she said Hi She said that she was huffing and puffing so hard coming up the hill she had to stop and smoke a cigarette to catch her breath. I had to process that for a second huffing and puffing so hard she had to stop and smoke a cigarette to catch her breath  I wanted to say something like "Stop you idiot look at me I'm over weight, I have Emphysema I'm 63 years old and I'm not as bad as you Why don't you quit before it's to late, but instead I just smiled told her to have a nice day and walked out to our car. Yes I felt a sense of great pleasure as I had a smile from ear to ear knowing I quit  ANOTHER DAY WON

A few pictures from todays trail