4 Plus Years & Still Getting Better

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Oct 10, 2020

After 4 plus years of being quit things still continue to improve.  My first 2 years of my quit I was just happy to be alive and truly started appreciating life more but I still wasn't satisfied I was out of balance. Physically I was weak and it bothered me.  Any physical exertion left me gasping for air.  I started playing the harmonica which helped a little with my breathing but knew I needed more.  Early this summer I started to walk I remember my first walk I left the house full of enthusiasm  only to make it to the top of the first hill Having to stop due to I couldn't breath I immediately returned home yes my walk was under 2 tenth of a mile.    Disappointed Yes, Mad Yes, Thinking of Giving Up Yes. Did I No                    I Made a Choice. I Made a Commitment. I Made a Promise to no one but Myself.  I was going to do this   Just like I did when I chose to quit smoking. I was doing it for me.   I walk 3 to 5 miles every morning weather permitting including several hills larger than that first hill on that first day.  Yes I still gasp at times but I accept that a little due to COPD   

  It even get better as on weekends Joyce and I walk together We try to find a different trail at one of our many parks 

Today we walked a unpaved moderate trial at Shawnee Lookout  It has a natural over look the Shawnee Indians used to look down the Ohio River Also along the trial you go past a few Adena Indians Burial Mounds   

Pandemic and all life is still getting better after 4 plus years of being quit

You can see Kentucky on the left side of the Ohio River Indiana is on the right side of the Ohio River and the train bridge crosses the Great Miami River   

Flowers on header are also from our walk this morning