Same Story

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Sep 28, 2020

  This may not even belong on this site but I hate seeing this story as I experienced it with my own son almost 9 years ago he was 25   I really don't understand I'm tired of the same stories

  It's about a 26 year old young man which I had the privilege to know and coach  in baseball and basketball for several years when he was a young boy.   He was always smiling and had heart of gold He would spend several Friday nights at my house before a game. After high school I'd run into him he still smiled and was always polite.  I lost track of him when he moved out west.  I understand he had trouble and came back to his hometown here in Southwest Ohio and entered a drug treatment center  Yes he was Heroin addict  He was clean for awhile I understand he was going on a year clean  Well he relapsed Saturday He didn't get a chance to reset his quit date or write a new plan You see he is going to be buried at the age of 26.  Yes I got tears in my eyes I know his mom is devastated and his older brother I still remember his smile

  Those of you who are thinking of that one puff ask yourself if the outcome would be the same would you still take that puff 

Yeah you may not die quickly with that one puff but you are killing yourself slowly and the end will probably be the same 

It is about Living