What Made Smoking So Great

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Sep 24, 2020

What made smoking so great 

   Maybe it was the way you could draw in almost 4,000 chemicals into you lung all at once some being cancer causing, What a rush that was.  Or the enjoyment of waking up and coughing up all that nasty phlegm What a great feeling that was. How about walking up a hill or a flight of steps wheezing and gasping for air That feeling was just awesome.  Yes the thrill of knowing your heart rate and blood pressure rise as you smoke and the way you could increase your chances of heart disease You just can't beat that feeling. OH how I enjoyed not having a sense of taste or smell I could not wait to be able not to taste my favorite peach cobbler Joyce made for me Or not being able to smell the sweet aroma of fresh bread baking. How cool is that not being able to smell or taste?  Honestly you had to love that dull yellow smile, the receding gums and the smell of your breath was always a added bonus.   I was proud the way my home, my car, my clothes smelled and I mustn't forget the burn holes the cigarettes caused in all oh them   Yeah I was one lucky and cool person when I smoked

WHAT MADE SMOKING SO GREAT?  NOTHING!  I was a stupid fool spending my money on death It didn't even make me look cool.  

Maybe you can share what made smoking so great for you