Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Aug 24, 2020

PLEDGE A solemn promise or undertaking.


  Why do I pledge every morning I will not smoke today 

I pledge as a reminder to myself of what I am and where I came from.
I make that solemn promise to myself every morning I made it from the early start of my quit.  I make the solemn promise to renew my commitment to my quit. I make the solemn promise to remain vigilant over my quit. I make that solemn promise to remind me I am only one puff away of restarting the cycle of death.
After 4 years I still make that solemn promise every morning to myself and I try to pledge here everyday for and to support.
My path for a lifetime quit took work  but was a simple path follow.  The path of Accountability A Day At A Time
I have 2 days in my quit.  The day I quit and today Today is the most precious day of my quit and

I pledge  I Will Not Smoke Today


Enjoy your day