4 YEARS + Feb 29

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Aug 7, 2020

 Wow 4 years smoke free by my CHOICE.  I'll start a quick run down of my first 90 Days before I knew a support group ever existed.    I can't tell you what it felt like to withdraw from nicotine as my first 2 weeks were in a hospital and a week of that in ICU 4 days on a ventilator but not to worry being a dual addict I have experienced withdraws symptoms from another drug.  The day I left the hospital my pulmonary doctor asked my wife Joyce to leave the room. I won't forget what he said He just told me he didn't know yet if the growth on my lung was cancer but he told me I needed to make a CHOICE of the quality of life I wanted to live the rest of my life. He told me he would always do his best to treat me but the quality of life depended upon my Choice My first 90 days I struggled even being sick I kept hearing the voice of just one won't hurt

  The insurance phone call Since I was on Joyce's insurance and to receive the discount because I was still considered a smoker I had to have 3 phone calls from a coach and sign onto QuitNet.  I played the game and I followed along  After staying in the back ground for awhile at the Q I decided to participate. Well  I about lost my quit the first time I responded. I responded to this long time elders post. Can't remember exactly but I know my response was "I wasn't ashamed that I use to be a smoker"  (and to this day I'm still not just happy I quit)  Any she responded back in a nasty way and the last thing she said was I wouldn't make it 6 months with my attitude.  She truly Pssed me Off  I truly thought of saying the hell with it and Have that Just One.  

   Then my Quit Changed others saw her response and reached out to me thru private message and invited me to pledge with them everyday and Participate on the different Daily Post. I started participating my quit became easier I still had my ups and downs but I made friends whom helped me I may never meet them yet I do care about them They saved my life by their support and caring . What I thought was Bullshit at first was is really a life saver given a chance

   I found that the elder who was so nasty was that way to almost everyone She did not believe in relapse and would use what she called tough love on anyone who did  I called it rude, nasty and distasteful. 

   I believe it is important to pledge everyday when possible and I still do, I think it is very beneficial to post and to respond to post It's OK to have fun and make friends.  Just for me I will never use what some would call tough love as I don't know what is going on in someone s life.   I believe in encouragement.  Those who are just starting this awesome journey Get to know people, make friends, have a quit partner. It easier when you have someone   Listen and learn  from those in front of you help those behind you.  Take what you need and leave the rest   Commit with all you have  and it truly does get easier  Also remember the best way to keep what you have is to give it away 

   To the awesome people here at the EX I thank you for your kindness and most of all your friendship  To those who belong to the EX and to NOPE 365  Please relay my gratitude to those at NOPE 365 and thank them for their support and encouragement 


   It makes no  difference on how you quit or how many tries it may take Just Quit 


Carl      DOF  4 Years plus February 29, 2020   43,830 unsmoked