Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Jul 30, 2020

   When I smoked Joyce and I never sat out together.  Joyce didn't like the smell  I was always aggravated about something. When I smoked I felt I didn't have the time to talk nor did I want to without a cigarette in my hand  We really 

didn't share or do much together


  Now what does this have to do with smoking?  Well quitting goes beyond the obvious health reason The financial gain.

The obvious is great and well worth quitting for. Yet there is so much more How about the unseeable part the unexpected. The part I never thought of in the beginning of my quit The part I never thought of at all. The part that means just as much or more 


   A little on the cool side 66 F with a slight rain here in Southwest Ohio Joyce and I are headed out to sit on the back porch enjoy the cool fresh air and talk. Lately we have been talking about the past our boys growing anything to avoid todays world as much as possible for awhile. Sharing dreams making plans. The un seeable benefits of having and realizing your best friend doesn't go up in smoke This has been going and growing for over 3 years  Everything I went thru is well worth to be where I'm at.  I realized  there is no new normal  It's just life the way it's meant to be  

I'll have 4 years come August 07.       To those struggling keep going living life is so much worth