No Fish Just Paint

Blog Post created by Cousin-Itt on Jul 16, 2020

   This week I was supposed to be in Canada on a lake in the middle of nowhere of Northern Ontario fishing with my brothers. Instead I became a artist  

   Knowing I was a little down in the dumps Joyce suggested a new hobby She suggested I try painting become a artist become a artist she said. The following day she hands me a 3 inch trim brush a roller and a gallon of paint and suggested the family room walls should be my canvass. This is the last room in the house that I smoked in all others have been painted. When I started wiping the walls and down I noticed the nicotine that sill clung on the wall It was truly nasty and disgusting. Now I was lucky  the walls covered in 1 coat but the white trim and door took 2 coats That made me wonder how many coats of fresh air in my lungs will it take to get rid of the black. and paint my lungs pink again                                     

  Anyway I know during this pandemic it's easy for spirits to go down I know I had to refocus / regroup.  I find myself trying to stay busy Just like in the early part of my quit when I was dealing with craves but I wasn't able to do physical things So I did a couple of those latch rugs put a model car together'. After dinner yesterday I made a peach cobbler.   Don't let these times knock you down stay busy just like beating a crave. We will be thru it all in a short while and still be smoke free.  Nothing going on is worth smoking about  My new normal after this is all over is what I make it. Just like my quit journey it is what I make it    Like we say    "Their is light at the end of the Tunnel"

As far as my Canadian Fishing Trip We have next year and the fish will be hungrier and bigger. I will still be smoke free    


  On a side note

  Joyce has thrown her honey do list away. She said she felt bad and that her list was not being supportive of my needs She now believes I should have more hobbies Tomorrow she thinks and suggested that I should check out Horticulture She believes being a Horticulturist would be a good hobby for me.   She will let me know more about it tomorrow morning